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About U.E. Warden

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 As I cannot sail among the stars, therefore the next best thing is sailing on the seas. Besides writing I enjoy nature, dad jokes, space exploration and my spouse.

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 Science Fiction Books 

Data Profile: U.E. Warden

                                                            How it all began, a brief Bio of U E Warden

 I was looking after a loved one, it became 24/7. I needed a hobby that I could drop easily if I was needed. Online gaming, no way! I would start in the morning, and seconds later it is late evening. I would be oblivious to everything and everyone, not good! My other hobbies were all outdoors, so I began writing. My loved one did not like the sci-fi genre but encouraged me to write and tell her about it. One day we were discussing a character I had created when the PSW arrived, who after all this time had become a close family friend. She heard what we were talking about and said, “I love sci-fi! Please write me in as a character.” I told her flatly that if I wrote perfection no one would believe me. I would have to include a few flaws. She laughed and so began my journey into writing a totally new sci-fi novel. 

 At first my writing was bad, but my loved one helped me to improve it. Other family members got involved and encouraged me. They said the story was good, but it needed more refining. I wonder if I were to ask them today if they regretted encouraging me what would they say? Second thought, better not ask. LOL.

 I was amazed that I could write create characters, plots, and themes so easily. I had and still do have notepads and pens placed everywhere so when inspiration strikes I can write it down. The hardest part was, and you guessed it, still is, tenses, therefore, I am always tense about tenses. One day I will remember which or is it witch there they’re or their to use in a sentence. Don’t get me started on to too and two. Damn does that equal four or six?   My grammar and spelling skills are horrible, and I am being kind. I have to thank the person who invented spellcheck. In my novel I could not resist leaving an example. After a few years some fraught with frustration, it got to the point where I was just going to give the manuscript to the PSW and be done with it.

 It has been and is great to have people encourage me, thankfully not to take a giant leap off a cliff which somedays as the process continued seemed like the better idea.

 Not wanting to use my actual name, I ended up creating a nom de plume that became part of the story. My loved ones and especially my spouse persevered, and so did I. Then came my silly idea to really publish the book. We had spent the last six months revising, fine tuning the story, working daily, when my loved one (not unexpected) passed away, peacefully surrounded by family, at home, as she wanted. Then Covid hit and the world shut down everything including my novel stopped. Looking after my loved one’s estate during a pandemic was time consuming. But I knew that all that time spent writing revising with my loved one deserved a bit more. So, I went in search of a publisher I found several self-publishing companies online, all good. I talked to a few directly and decided on Friesenpress. It was amazing how I could be so excited and yet so terrified at the same time. Personal health issues delayed the novel yet again, but as of Oct 22, 2021, Universe’s Edge Saturn Expedition is on Friesenpress website as “Coming Soon.”  

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To any potential writers, it is nice to have others enjoy your writing but no matter what anyone thinks as long as you like it is a success. Keep on writing. I am!

U E Warden

 Space Fiction 

Values Analysis

 Individuality. Respect for others. Hoping for a peaceful co-existence amongst all beings.
According to scholars.
The Wardens see the world as one unified people. One that respects all cultures, and bands together
to fight injustice.
In a single unified voice, that says, "This isn't right!
It needs to change now!
For the one--We the unified!"

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