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Space travel

Universe's Edge:

Saturn Expedition

Enjoy a quick scifi while the sunsets or on a frosty day. In the future a Unified Earth joins the race for space. A scientific mission to Saturn is lead by a young, new Captain.  Her name is Courtney Viola Voth.

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 Best Science Fiction Books 

Welcome to the Universe's Edge

spec fiction

 This is the first in a new series of science fiction novels.
 Introducing a new era in space travel for humans under a Unified Earth banner.
Exploration of our solar system is top priority. Saturn's mysterious northern hexagonal cloud pattern will be the first to be explored. 


A Note from U.E. Warden

A new novel is currently in orbit. I am working hard to bring it down to Earth.

I think in puzzle pieces
Thousands of pieces are in my mind
Making one whole picture
The picture is crystal clear to me
When I write it down, it comes out in bits and pieces
It takes a long time to puzzle it all back together.

 A New Science Fiction Series

Are They Out There?

Universe's Edge: Saturn Expedition

Generations of manipulation drive Earth to push for outer space exploration. Will the age-old question, "are we alone in the universe?” be answered? That is for the reader to discover.

 Delivering Good Sci Fi Books to the People 

Who is U.E. Warden?

A writer? Conspiracy theorist? Heroic whistleblower? No one knows for sure. Whoever they are, U.E. Warden appears to have gone through great lengths to keep their identity anonymous.
Instead, U.E. Warden posits a different question: who are the ones that are manipulating humans and controlling their actions?
Maybe, just maybe, his latest space novel, Universe's Edge: Saturn Expedition can reveal the truth.
I have cleaned my smartphone so often with 70% alcohol that it is
suggesting that WE  go to an AA meeting!
Shits and giggles (Sag)
Giggles and shits (Gas)
Either way, it is funny!
I have some novel ideas, I write the ideas down.
I pound the keys and soon, a novel appears with all my ideas!
Untitled drawing (2).png

 U.E. Warden's First Science Fiction Novel 

Available at your favorite eBook store

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